BlogCalero VeraSMART 12.1 Now Available!

Calero VeraSMART 12.1 Now Available!

februari 1, 2018, Uitgaven

We’re excited to announce the rollout of Calero VeraSMART 12.1. This latest release offers new and exciting feature sets designed to help you be more productive and work smarter. New features include:

Historical Invoice Summary Analytic

The Historical Invoice Summary Analytic shows summary-level invoice data that can be used for trending analysis. It enables legacy vendor data to be combined with current Calero VeraSMART data to create a baseline and enable comparisons and investigations into trends. This makes it easy for customers who have been tracking invoice data prior to transitioning to Calero VeraSMART to cumulatively analyze changes over time.

Example of a historical invoice summary

ITSM Mobility Service and Wireline Integration:

Calero VeraSMART now supports the integration of ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) systems via an API for Mobility and Wireline ordering and status updates. Each ITSM system may require additional customizations. Calero VeraSMART 12.1 will feature basic support.


  • Improves operational efficiency for hosted Calero VeraSMART instances
  • Simplifies the end-user experience by providing a single ITSM portal for requests

Invoice Charges Markup Report:

The Invoice Charges Markup Report enables Billing Administrators to add configurable markups (either a flat amount or a percentage) to individual Invoice Items – the markup is added when the report is run. The lowest level of the report will be a summary of charge per Invoice Item (the report will not show what the markup is per Invoice Item).

VeraSMART markup options

VeraSMART invoice charges markup report

For more details about the new features, check out this brochure.  Premise-based customers with active maintenance can access the download here.