BlogThe Benefits of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) for Government Agencies

The Benefits of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) for Government Agencies

mei 29, 2015, Uitgaven

Government agencies face unique challenges when managing their telecom assets. Like the enterprise, they need to control expenses; analyze, dispute, and pay invoices; and manage services and mobile devices. However, government offices face the added pressure of being in the public eye, which demands a heightened level of transparency and efficiency. Add into the mix ever-evolving requests to deliver new technology without sacrificing the budget, and many government entities are struggling to optimize and control their telecom investments.

For many government offices, outsourcing telecom expense management (TEM) has proven to be an optimal solution to all of these challenges, as it allows them to deliver the necessary services while meeting strict budgetary constraints. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the four primary benefits of TEM for government agencies:

1. Reduce telecom costs and avoid unplanned expenses. TEM is very effective at helping government agencies reduce telecom costs and increase efficiency. A strong solution will automate invoice loading and processing, identify invoice errors, recover overpayments, prevent late payment penalties, bill back usage expenses to the appropriate departments, and leverage data to negotiate with carriers more effectively. This comprehensive process prevents unplanned expenses and maximizes cost-savings, which the agency can use to fund technology improvements and other investments.

2. Establish an equitable approach to cross-charging centralized shared services spend. Support internal stakeholders, and simplify the management of central shared services spend by automating cost allocation and internal chargebacks for IT and communication spend, driving a clear and transparent budgeting and costing approach, based on actual usage, which is accurate, equitable and predictable.

3. Streamlined operations. Without an integrated TEM solution, invoice and inventory management can be prohibitively resource intensive and time consuming. A strong TEM solution will streamline the process to optimize telecom spend, thus freeing up resources and enhancing productivity. This reduces the demands placed on internal resources, which can then be reallocated to fulfill core objectives and responsibilities.

4. Strategic financial planning. TEM provides government agencies with visibility into their telecom spend and the value of their services, which allows for more strategic financial planning. We recommend selecting a solution that will analyze the organization’s communication spending, improve reporting and accountability, and deliver insight into how to maximize telecom services moving forward. This business intelligence allows government offices to make more accurate and informed budgeting, investment, and purchasing decisions.