Blog5 VeraSMART Reports Managers Can’t Live Without

5 VeraSMART Reports Managers Can’t Live Without

mei 18, 2017, Uitgaven, Verbruik

By Paul Miller

We’ve spent a lot of time recently discussing our guided analytics package, InSight Analytics, and how it transforms communications data into clear and actionable information. However, sometimes it’s good to just go back to the basics. So I would like to revisit another component of Calero’s complimentary suite of BI tools – the powerful reporting capabilities within Calero VeraSMART Call Accounting.

Busy Telecom and Unified Communications (UC) managers appreciate how the standard VeraSMART report engine can sift through thousands, even millions, of call detail records (CDRs) with remarkable speed, and easily generate emailable reports. But not everyone utilizes the full depth and versatility of the standard reports library, which includes over 30 templates designed to answer virtually any question about telecom network usage.

From the list of over 30 templates, here’s a quick overview of the 5 call accounting reports that our internal VeraSMART experts find most valuable:

Telecom Manager’s Report

This is a multi-faceted exception report that provides summary information on system status, unusual calls and other conditions that may require a telecom manager’s attention. For each requested CDR source, the report provides extensive information, including call summaries of incoming, internal, outgoing and tandem calls, unanswered calls, most expensive calls, longest calls and inactive trunks.

Other individual reports – such as the Trunk Usage Report, the Expensive Call Report, the Longest Call Report, and the Ring Time Analysis Report – can be employed to provide extensive detail for a deeper dive into any of these important telecom areas.

Call Search Report

The Call Search Report helps you find “the needle in the call haystack” by providing detailed information on call types, duration, cost, CDR source, and much more. For example, when your Human Resources Manager requests a record of all call activity from a particular extension or employee, this VeraSMART report will quickly provide the needed information.

Preview of the VeraSMART Call Search Report


Assigned Charges by Organization

The Assigned Charges by Organization Report provides an internal bill at the Cost Center (or higher) level for calls and other charges incurred on any open, closed or pending periods. The report is highly configurable for its contents and level of detail. Its output is also available for EZ Burst and Personnel EZ Burst distribution, and offers three interactive viewing choices: summary, overview and call types.

Frequently Called Numbers

Do you ever wonder what numbers your employees dial most frequently? The Frequently Called Numbers Report pinpoints the top 25 called locations by CDR source. It should help in choosing better calling plans, dedicated lines and/or other telecom services based on actual needs. The main HTML page provides a list of CDR sources. Each CDR source, in turn, drills down to summary statistics for each of the top 25 numbers from each location.

Preview of the Frequently Called Numbers Report


Invoice View for Wireless Call Accounting

Wireless service providers offer a variety of services and plans. Selecting the right options for your organization can be difficult, and making the wrong choices can be an expensive mistake. VeraSMART Wireless Call Accounting, available as an add-on to basic VeraSMART Wireline or as a standalone system, includes wireless invoice analysis, which eliminates the time spent manually reviewing wireless usage and device charge data for potential savings. Wireless invoices can be imported directly from the provider and automatically checked against configurable criteria to identify potential savings opportunities. The Wireless Invoice Analysis view imports invoices for your wireless devices, analyzes findings and identifies potential opportunities for savings.

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VeraSMART Call Accounting includes a wide range of reporting and analysis features: the extensive library of standard reports; list views; on-screen dashboards to monitor key data trends; and the optional InSight Analytics data discovery module. All of these BI tools combine to help Telecom and UC managers make sense of their data, answer in-house inquiries quickly and efficiently, and optimize their telecom networks.

To learn more about VeraSMART’s reporting options, download The Top 5 VeraSMART Call Accounting Reports.