BlogSay Hello to Communications Lifecycle Management: Taking Telecom Expense Management to the Next Level

Say Hello to Communications Lifecycle Management: Taking Telecom Expense Management to the Next Level

juli 27, 2015, Communications Lifecycle Management, Mobility / Service Support, Uitgaven

Over the past decade, the scope of enterprise communications has rapidly evolved from basic landline circuit and pager inventories to a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and apps. Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) arose out of telecom expense management to address the challenge of managing the full communications lifecycle in this new environment. CLM is a holistic approach to communications management that allows companies to make complex decisions about the devices, apps, sensors, and networks that they use.

In order to manage both the present and the future of enterprise communications, today’s telecom, mobility and IT managers must take into account not just today’s technology landscape but also the next generation of apps, portable computing, wearables and the Internet of Things in an increasingly connected world.

TEM and Mobility Management come together:

CLM combines TEM with Mobility Management by addressing the financial, technical, and compliance issues associated with the complex challenges of billing, device management, and support.  According to Blue Hill Research, aligning lifecycle technologies and goals across a variety of communications technologies will allow CLM practitioners to see:

Productivity Gains – organizations gain 1 Full Time Equivalent of labor for each 1,000 mobile devices or 2,000 circuits offering additional savings of 3-10% on communications invoices

Cost Savings – 10-25% Reduction of direct communications costs

Long-Term Strategy – Future-proof management of rapid evolving technologies

Increased Visibility – Achieve 100% visibility into inventory ensuring cost effective sourcing and contract negotiations

Blue Hill Research proposes a framework that ensures that technology and service lifecycle investments are both best-of-breed and well-integrated with a company’s core goals and provides recommendations that ensure quick and secure implementation, including a multi-channel approach to CLM. Their Analyst Research Report, “The Evolution of Communications Lifecycle Management,” gives an overview of how CLM benefits a variety of stakeholders, including procurement managers, compliance and security managers, information technology managers and line-of-business users.

To learn more about the benefits of shifting from a traditional telecom management mindset to a future facing view of communications lifecycle management,

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 The Evolution of Communications Lifecycle Management Analyst Report by Blue Hill Research. 

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  9 Steps to Manage the Full Communications Lifecycle The Evolution of Telecom Expense Management hosted by Hyoun Park, Chief Research Officer at Blue Hill Research.