BlogOptimize Your Cloud Investments with TEM Best Practices

Optimize Your Cloud Investments with TEM Best Practices

juli 13, 2017, Communications Lifecycle Management, Uitgaven, Verbruik

By Scott Davis

IT is increasingly becoming both usage and service-based, driven by trends to deliver software, infrastructure and platforms as a service. Those within the enterprise who are charged with managing and optimizing the new IT spend categories are now faced with an array of pricing models based on drivers like bandwidth, transactions, scope of resources, access events, number of users, number of services and number of accounts. To add further complexity, enterprises typically have multiple cloud and software agreements in place spanning across different platforms, vendors and departments. Given these challenges, the desire for enterprises to standardize and simplify the management of assets and expenses associated with cloud technology is becoming increasingly clear.

Evolving from Telecom Expense Management to IT Expense Management
Calero recently partnered with Blue Hill Research to gain greater insights into how Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is evolving to include a broader category around IT Expense Management (ITEM). In this report, ITEM represents the evolution of TEM from circuits, landline management and later mobility, to include a broad range of IT assets such as cloud, software, platform, Internet of Things (IoT) and other networked solutions. ITEM provides enterprises with improved visibility into costs and the ability to tie costs to consumption.

Effective management of cloud and software can provide standardization, efficiency and cost reduction for IT- similar to the effects enterprises have seen from successfully outsourcing telecom and mobility asset and expense management to TEM vendors. That is why TEM vendors such as Calero are embracing these new challenges and are well suited to apply TEM disciplines to help organizations better manage and optimize cloud technologies.

Findings from the Blue Hill Research report include:

  • Management challenges surrounding ITaaS
  • Leveraging TEM approaches to embrace ITEM
  • Recommendations for moving ahead with an ITEM strategy

To learn more, download the report: Apply TEM Best Practices to Optimize Your Cloud Investments.