BlogNew Capabilities for Calero PINNACLE Revealed at Calero World

New Capabilities for Calero PINNACLE Revealed at Calero World

oktober 27, 2016, Communications Lifecycle Management

Calero PINNACLE is the leading cloud-based Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution for enterprises. We recently covered some of the solution’s latest enhancements during three Calero World Online 2016 sessions. These included topics on new integrations as well as how it is being used by the City of Dallas for IT Asset Management (ITAM). Read on to learn how more organizations are benefiting from this robust and highly configurable solution because they enjoy the improved control and decision making that results from having a single view of all communication costs.

New Calero PINNACLE updates

  • InSight Analytics – providing organizations better intelligence and visibility to answer questions of revenue vs. cost, to track and manage services, work orders, voice usage, vendor accounts and to uncover devices with zero usage but invoiced.
  • Shared Services Management – Mobility standard data models, management organization tracking and detailed tax and AP management
  • Asset Management – Cisco switch provisioning
  • Service Management – Desk specific work flows, service catalog approvals and service purpose
  • Expense Management – providing multiple active vendor accounts and managing vendor charges
  • Usage Management – enhancements with local zone and exchange updates as well as international mobile termination

To learn more about the latest upgrades to Calero PINNACLE, watch the Calero World session.

Calero PINNACLE Third Party Integrations

Calero PINNACLE integrates with popular ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, Remedy and others. Since 85% of an organization’s shared tickets are initiated through a centralized service desk, this integration is a critical step toward sharing data between Calero PINNACLE and these third party ITSM solutions. This session showcased how Calero provides custom web services to create new integrations. Three current customers (USPS, City of Maryland and University of Berkeley) joined the session as a panel to discuss their experiences, and to share best practices.

To learn more, watch the Calero World session.

Asset Management with Calero PINNACLE

92% of our customers ranked inventory accuracy and visibility as very “Important” to “Business Critical” in a recent Calero survey. This falls under the category of Asset Management – which has greatly evolved in recent years. We used to think of Asset Management as just telecom voice lines and hardware but now, it also encompasses mobile voice and hardware, cloud subscriptions, and licenses for software, video, IM and other UC areas. You can imagine, with the growth in cloud, that Asset Management will continue to become a more dominant need of IT/telecom managers. The benefits they will see include new workflow efficiencies, cost optimization, capacity planning, audit trail creation and technology accountability.

A recent Calero World session featured a forward thinking client, Janice Peters, Business Manager with the City of Dallas. She has been the driver in implementing Calero PINNACLE across her organization. Her overview gives insight into how the City of Dallas uses Calero to go beyond traditional telecom asset management to incorporate their cloud subscriptions, licenses, hardware and other needs. The City of Dallas created a centralized IT asset management database into one solution to manage the city’s 12,000+ computers, 30,000+ software licenses, 20,000 radio devices and 14,000 server and network devices.

I highly recommend this session because she provides an excellent before and after case study of how the new solutions transformed their organization – generating over $1 million in realized savings in less than two years.

Watch this session for more.