BlogCalero World Online: Day 1 Recap

Calero World Online: Day 1 Recap

september 26, 2016, Communications Lifecycle Management, Uitgaven

By Scott Davis, VP of Marketing

Calero World Online 2016 officially kicked off Friday, September 23rd with Calero’s president and CEO, Chris Jurasek, giving his insights into the state of the current TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and CLM (Communications Lifecycle Management) landscape. In addition, he revealed the results of our most recent industry survey which illustrated how enterprises are focused on major initiatives including shifting dollars to drive IT transformation, centralizing their management of assets and data services, developing stronger analytic tools, and strengthening their relationships with lines of business stakeholders.

Scott Lawrence, the Director of Research & Business Analytics for AOTMP, then gave a great overview of CLM, explaining that it includes TEM but goes much further than just managing invoices and expenses. He describes the key components of CLM include Asset Management, Usage Management, Expense Management, Shared Service Management and Service Support.

Scott went on to introduce two innovative organizations that have successfully developed programs to manage their full communications lifecycle.

  • David Shuman, Telecommunications Manager, with the United States Postal Service, discussed their CLM program, which is designed to integrate many internal systems including ServiceNow with their Calero platform. The benefits of the solution have helped them lower costs, gain visibility into their entire data and telecom network, improve strategic planning and have the information they need to build a business case when budgeting and planning.
  • Scott Lawrence also gave an overview of how the City of Dallas implemented a comprehensive CLM program and as a result, gained almost 100% visibility into its telecom environment. They now have an entire asset/inventory profile for each employee that includes telecom, software and hardware. The benefits they’ve enjoyed include generating nearly $1 million in realized savings and reduced invoice processing time from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days.

If you would like to hear more specifics about the City of Dallas, please join the upcoming session on October 11 at 1pm EST, which includes Janice Peters, Business Manager from the City of Dallas. Register here.

According to Scott, CLM will continue to evolve in the future and move more into managing assets and services outside of traditional telecom – such as cloud services, IT hardware, M2M end-points and software application licenses. He also says that we will see even more robust reporting and business analytic capabilities where organizations will have improved tools for “what if” research, budgeting, forecasting, and improved intelligence to drive better decisions.

The session concluded with discussions from two of our Calero executives, Andrew Taylor, Vice President of Global Sales, addressed how organizations can drive a mobility strategy forward. Then Scott Forbes, EVP of Product Management gave the group the upcoming Calero Solution Roadmap. We will be talking more about that in future posts.

There is so much new in the whole telecom industry with these seismic shifts organizations are making towards Communications Lifecycle Management. It is certainly expanding the roles of telecom management into more strategic, mission critical areas of the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about the industry trends and tips for how to move ahead, then please join us during the month-long online forum.

Click here to view the webinar.

To learn more details, visit Calero World 2016.

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