BlogCalero World Online 2018 Is Here!

Calero World Online 2018 Is Here!

september 20, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

It’s official: Calero World Online 2018 has kicked off today! This is an exciting time for the Calero community, as we start this unique educational series for the 4th year as a virtual event, with a full six weeks of inspiring sessions and phenomenal speakers. For the first time, we are streaming the event LIVE from London! This year’s event is bigger than ever, so be sure to join us. If you weren’t watching the opening, here’s what you missed.

Opening Remarks with Calero President and CEO Joe Pajer

Calero’s new President and CEO Joe Pajer kicked things off with opening remarks and the latest Calero news and insights.

Joe also broke down the three key areas Calero is focusing on in order to give our customers complete visibility and control of their communications data: first, globalizing the company, through select strategic international acquisitions; secondly, continued investment in technology; and thirdly and most importantly, enhancing our ongoing commitment to delivering more value to our customers.

You can view the recording of the opening remarks here.

Opening Keynote with David Rowan: “Discover Unknown Insights in the Data that Surrounds Us”

Joe was then joined by David Rowan, founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK, award-winning tech journalist, and genuine storyteller. David has traveled the planet meeting with trend-setting leaders in search of emerging technologies that are, or will be soon, impacting our lives.

In his keynote, “Discover Unknown Insights in the Data that Surrounds Us,” David shared some incredible stories illustrating how organizations and individuals alike are tapping into new forms of ‘Big Data’ and using those insights to innovate, answer questions they didn’t even know to ask and devise solutions to challenges that have plagued mankind for decades. This thought-provoking discussion got us thinking about data in new ways and eager to uncover its hidden insights.

You can view the recording of the keynote here.

Q&A Panel

It all wrapped up with a Q&A style panel with David and Joe, joined by Calero’s Head of Product Scott Forbes, and Larry Foster, Head of Product Strategy and Vision. They began the discussion addressing hidden data, the types of data that are often unused and how Calero helps unlock data for clients, as well as questions around automation and integration. They then turned to the cloud and going beyond telecom.

You can review the recording of the panel here.

This is only the beginning, with the next six weeks filled with free webinars featuring a vibrant mix of hot topics such as leveraging TEM for the cloud, managing TEM and mobility on a global scale and more. Each session is designed to inform, inspire and engage, all while helping our audience achieve greater levels of performance that directly impact revenue, reduce operating costs and bring more value to their organizations.

Join us on September 25th at 11am EDT for “Driving Business Strategy with IT Cost Optimization,” a primer on IT Cost Optimization best practices, and on September 27th at 11am EDT for “The Value of Using Insight Analytics to Create More Visibility Across the IT Lifecycle,” which will help you learn more about gaining visibility into your data and leveraging Calero’s Insight Analytics. Another eight sessions follow in October before Calero World Online 2018 concludes on November 8th.

If you want to gain expert industry insights into the latest trends, challenges and best practices in IT communications lifecycle management, make sure to register today.

To view the complete schedule and register, click here.