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Calero World Online 2015 in Review

januari 5, 2016, Communications Lifecycle Management

This year’s online conference was a great success with strong attendance rates, amazing guest speakers and compelling industry content. We couldn’t have asked for more. We’re grateful to our attendees who devoted their time to attend our sessions and our subject matter experts for sharing their exceptional knowledge and expertise.

With evolving mobile workforces, unified communications and the growing need for powerful analytics, our job as not just a service provider, but industry leader, is to enable your success through helpful content and use cases to support and strengthen your efforts. We invite you to take a look at our on-demand sessions and additional resources you may find helpful.

Let’s take a look back at a few Calero World highlights.

Popular Sessions

We had some killer sessions! Among the top favorites, by attendance, include:

1. Keynote: AOTMP: Going Beyond Invoices & Expenses: The Business Value of Managing the Full Communications Lifecycle

The primary objective of solutions like telecom expense management (TEM) and managed mobility services (MMS) has historically been to generate hard dollar savings. As the industry has matured, organizations have discovered that establishing a well-defined, highly efficient program that manages the complete communications lifecycle is key to their long term strategy. Learn about the tangible and intangible ways that leading organizations have focused their communications program.

2. The New World of PINNACLE InSight Analytics

In this session you will learn how to capitalize on the new enhanced InSight Analytics capabilities that have been incorporated into the PINNACLE platform to provide a new intuitive and powerful way to conduct analysis. Walk away with a clear understanding of what/when/why and how to effectively leverage legacy Reports and Dashboards versus the new InSight Analytics capabilities.

3. The Evolving World of Unified Communications Usage Management

Learn how to utilize powerful analytics to gain insight into how your organization is leveraging unified communication technologies such as voice, video conference, instant messaging, email and WebRTC to support business operations. You’ll also learn how to gain insight into the full spectrum of digital services and how it will help y our organization achieve greater levels of performance that will have a direct impact on driving revenues and reducing operating costs.

Attendee Feedback

What good is an event without attendee feedback? And what do we do with your input? We gather the feedback you shared, review each session individually to understand your preferences, likes and dislikes as well as opportunities for improvement. But we don’t stop there. We share the feedback with our presenters as a great tool for strengthening our future presentations and conferences. We thank you for your feedback. Our top favorites include:

  • “Keep the online seminars coming!”
  • “Analytics app looks very interesting and will help a lot to get our points across to management during meetings on IT purchases, value and ROI.”
  • “Calero World has been a great telecom event. I highly recommend it!”

On-Demand Sessions

This year’s online event was aimed at creating a convenient, powerful, industry thought leader conference which allowed you to attend while still meeting your daily goals. Continuing with the theme of convenience, we want to make sure you have access to this year’s sessions. All of the Calero World sessions are available on-demand, at no cost, of course, for your viewing pleasure.

Catch up on the sessions you may have missed, loved and need to watch again, or heard about from colleagues.

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