BlogCalero World Highlights: New PINNACLE Release Puts More Business Intelligence and Insights into Communications Lifecycle Management

Calero World Highlights: New PINNACLE Release Puts More Business Intelligence and Insights into Communications Lifecycle Management

oktober 5, 2017, Communications Lifecycle Management, Uitgaven

By Claire Taylor, Product Manager, Calero PINNACLE and Larry Foster, Product Strategy and Vision

Week Two of Calero World Online is now a wrap!  Thanks to all who joined us for today’s session “Calero PINNACLE: Latest Enhancements and What’s Coming.” Over the past year, Calero PINNACLE has undergone significant product enhancements in terms of overall design and usability – starting with the 7.0 release in April.  Countless hours were spent working with our customers to better understand how they use and interact with the product and identify opportunities to expand upon and simplify. The result – a reimagined user experience and new features that lay the groundwork for many exciting things to come.

Streamlined User Interface and New Guided Analytics

With the 7.0 release, PINNACLE customers can experience a fresh, modern user interface that’s more intuitive and easier to use. It has a more responsive design for mobile viewing plus a more streamlined navigation and user menu. Check out the optimized screen area and simplified navigation to save on clicks.

But it’s so much more than a pretty face, it’s super smart too. Our customers want to get more out of their data. PINNACLE 7.0 provides improved CLM capabilities with a full spectrum of business intelligence tools with a new set of guided analytics. It offers improved visibility into your TEM data and a guided process to help you uncover real-time insights and make strategic business moves. As a result, you can quickly drill into the data and reveal insights that were once performed by mathematicians and super geeks. In fact, we have customers that are now able to extract more insights from the TEM data they’ve always had – but didn’t really know how to leverage.

New Features Planned in Version 7.1

Later this month, we will be releasing version 7.1 of Calero PINNACLE.  New features/capabilities include:

  • Annual Billing: When choosing the annual frequency option to set up recurring charges, you can now choose from:
    • Fiscal or Budget billing – allows you to select a specific month and day for the recurring annual charge to bill
    • Yearly or Warranty – billing uses the assigned start date as identified on the actual assigned charge.

Prorating and Back Billing are all supported.

Prorating and Backbilling

  • Invoice Reconciliation: Enhancements have been made to show the dollar amount affected by errors and also includes the option to verify each service is being charged the correct amount at the service-vendor summary level.
  • Create a Payment Dialog Update:  The total amount of the invoice is displayed in the new Payment Amount field for more efficiency when creating a payment.
  • Emailing of Bill links and reports:  Rather than sending an email to just notify users their bill report is ready and have the user log in, you now have the ability to include a link to view it or attach as a separate file.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend today’s session, don’t worry. We will make the recording available so you can get more details around the upcoming release, hear about future plans, and learn where to access important release notes and technical documents.  

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