BlogCalero World 2015: What You’ve Missed & What You Can Still Catch

Calero World 2015: What You’ve Missed & What You Can Still Catch

september 30, 2015, Communications Lifecycle Management, Mobility / Service Support, Uitgaven

We’re very pleased with the September 17th, kickoff event to the start of our online educational forum – #CaleroWorld2015. Our 2 hour event was led by Scott Lawrence, Business Analytics Manager, Efficiency First® Engine at AOTMP, and included 3 other informative sessions including an overview by our very own President, Chris Jurasek.

Whether you were able to attend or were bogged down by meetings but still want the skinny on our exceptional content, we’ve got you covered!

View Scott Lawrence’s on-demand session: “Going Beyond Invoices and Expenses: The Business Value of Managing the Full Communications Lifecycle” at your leisure.

Don’t forget to catch our additional sessions that took place this month, including:

  • Best Practices in Shared Service Costing for the New Digital Workforce
  • The New World of PINNACLE InSight Analytics
  • BYOD, CYOD, or COPE – Helping Enterprises to Define the Best Strategy

So what else do we have on the docket? Plenty! Don’t forget these free sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays online so you can watch from your desk and if you’re not able to make it, you can watch the recordings, but be sure to register first.

October 1, 1:00pm EST “Managed Mobility: Leveraging Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to Define and Implement Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions”

October 6, 1:00pm EST “Telecom Expense Management: Strategic Benefit of Managing TEM & WEM on One Platform: How to Get More Out of Your Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Provider”

And there’s still more throughout the month of October, ending with our last session on October 20th. We look forward to having you join us and know you’ll find our content helpful for your organization. Follow @CaleroSoftware to keep up with the latest!