BlogCalero PINNACLE 7.2 Has Arrived

Calero PINNACLE 7.2 Has Arrived

juni 14, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management, Uitgaven


We’re excited to announce the release of Calero PINNACLE 7.2. The latest version offers enhancements to invoice management, chargebacks and switch integration, among others, providing an even better experience and improved functionality for users. 

Job-Monitoring Alerts

Ever schedule a bill run and wish you could be notified when it succeeds or fails instead of having to check back manually? Now you can add an alert to send an email when your scheduled job completes.

Invoice Management Enhancements

New ways to better manage your disputes:

  • New dispute subtypes allow more granular breakdown within a dispute type
  • Invoice credit matching lets you keep track of when a disputed item is credited to you from the vendor, either:
    • Automatically, as another step in the reconciliation processPINNACLE new reconciliation
    • And/or manually through the invoice credits workbench that lets you take a credit and match it across multiple disputed items
      PINNACLE invoice credit wokrbench

Better control by vendor account:

  • New fields on vendor account allow tracking of “Early Pay Discount (EPD)”, invoice frequency, expected date, invoice format and currencyPINNACLE vendor account EPD
  • New invoice manager role filtered by vendor payment account allows you to divide the workload between invoice processors or approvers and give them access to only invoices from specific payment accounts
  • Additional track changes on vendor service, invoice and vendor account allow you to determine who is making changes if there is a processing issue

PINNACLE change tracking control

Chargeback Enhancements

  • Enter increased charge code and charge code description lengths
  • Ability to create your own payment types to use with AR subscribers

Switch Integration

  • Run one pass of switch resync and match against multiple service types
  • Several performance improvements

System Enhancements

  • New “Base” roles retain pristine copies of original menu structure. Any new tabs or menus will only be added to new Base roles and customers can optionally add that functionality to their own user roles
  • Load large invoice files
  • View your job run messages from the Oracle job log

EASY way to find the Release Documents

Want to learn more about all of the new feature enhancements? Download the What’s New In Calero Pinnacle 7.2 solution brief here or view additional detailed release documentation in the V7.2 Release Documentation – ALL article available on the PINNACLE Knowledge Portal.