Blog3 Simple Ways to Select Sessions for Calero World 2015

3 Simple Ways to Select Sessions for Calero World 2015

september 16, 2015, Communications Lifecycle Management

We’re in the final stretch before the start of Calero World Online 2015, which kicks off tomorrow, September 17th. You can attend from your own workplace and best of all, our sessions are free! Free great telecom content and access to industry thought leaders like Scott Lawrence, business analyst manager with AOTMP. So how will you decide which to attend?

1. Choose by Topic Calero

World gives you a great opportunity to focus on topic specific knowledge. From session like Going Beyond Invoices and Expenses to Best Practices in Shared Service Costing for the Digital Workforce, we’ve got you covered. But there’s more!

2. Choose by Product 

Whether you’re an existing Calero customer or want to learn more about Calero solutions, you’ve got some great options as well! Did you know you can upgrade your PINNACLE environment? Yep, it’s true! Get the 411 on the logistics and benefits from our team gurus. And don’t forget the exciting sessions around the latest Calero solution – InSight Analtyics – business intelligence and reporting have never been more simple or clear! 

3. Follow the Crowd 

Sometimes it pays off to follow in the footsteps of your industry colleagues. Share notes and sessions with your co-workers. If you can’t attend one session, make sure someone on your team is, so they can share the awesome content with the team. And be sure to check out the hashtag #CALEROWORLD2015 and see what sessions and content other people are tweeting about so you don’t miss out.

The best part about Calero World’s online set-up is not just that you get to participate from your own workspace, but that we’ve mapped out our sessions so that none will ever overlap. This means – you have the opportunity to actually attend every session (work schedule permitting, of course). Sessions are scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday from September 17th through October 20th.

And, don’t forget to register and attend our first kick-off session tomorrow for a chance to be entered to win a GoPro action camera! We can’t wait for you to join us.

Start creating your agenda today!