News + EventsIT in Education: How to Make Your IT Organization a Strategic Enabler
September 1, 2016

IT in Education: How to Make Your IT Organization a Strategic Enabler

Does the IT organization have a strategic leadership role on your campus?  If not, and if you’d like to change that, there are actions you can take. Employ two principles:

  1. Clarify a new set of value propositions that will evolve the operating culture and leverage new business skills not typically found in IT organizations.
  2. Change the traditional budget process to identify and prioritize a new set of initiatives and then take action to guarantee the appropriate funding is established

With the growth of cloud solutions, today’s IT organizations are seeing more of the decisions to purchase being distributed out to individual departments. This trend creates “shadow IT” organizations that act more ad hoc or responsive instead of proactive. The inefficiencies of this unplanned approach are often recognized 6-12 months later when the client department finds itself mitigating unbudgeted initiatives whose popularity and operational dependencies have grown well beyond their initial pilot project.

What to do?  You have choices – to let this change define, destroy or strengthen your institution. Leading educational institutions are moving back into the driver’s seat – and adopting a new service-broker approach to deliver technology-enabled services to the organization.

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