News + EventsCalero Software: Blue Hill Research Report Makes the Case for Implementing Analytics for Successful Communications Lifecycle Management
April 11, 2016

Calero Software: Blue Hill Research Report Makes the Case for Implementing Analytics for Successful Communications Lifecycle Management

Report shows by bringing IT-based data and business alignment together, companies can gain key advantages in understanding root-cause analysis and key correlations associated with increased revenue, improved partner and channel relationships, and greater ideation and innovation within the product and service lifecycle.

Rochester, NY – Calero Software, a leading provider of communications lifecycle management solutions, today published the results from a recent Blue Hill Research report which found that through analytics, organizations can contextualize a broad array of telecom, networking, and mobility data with specific business outcomes for improved understanding of how components are strategically aligned with business initiatives.

The report, titled “The Analytic Evolution of Communications Lifecycle Management,” compares and contrasts the current and future states of analytics within communications lifecycle management (CLM). The report also concludes that for telecom, mobility and procurement managers to fully leverage the data and analytics CLM provides, they need to focus on four key areas including: moving toward a full lifecycle approach, not just telecom expense management (TEM); empowering telecom and mobility analysts with self-service discovery; analyzing data trends associated with service adoption, immersive technologies, and non-standard/non-voice usage patterns; and starting to learn how to integrate telecom and mobility data with other enterprise systems of insight.

“Admittedly, the vision of communications data in driving the entire business is still in its infancy. However, telecom, mobility, and procurement managers still have a variety of opportunities for using better analytics to improve their immediate enterprise communications environments,” said Hyoun Young, chief research officer with Blue Hill Research, who authored the report. “By combining a mature understanding of enterprise communications with a modern and self-service view of analytics and data discovery, enterprises can bring novel and unique insights to a wide variety of business workflows and processes ranging from cost to geography to employee behavior.”

A complimentary copy of the report is available for download on the Calero Software website.

In conjunction with the report, Calero Software and Blue Hill Research are hosting a complimentary webinar, titled “How Advanced Analytics Changes the Game for Telecom Management and Beyond,” on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 1:00pm EST. This session will cover topics including: how to gain greater insights and reduce costs and risks while optimizing processes; benefits of empowering telecom and mobility analysts with self-service discovery; why visibility into the full CLM, not just TEM is needed; and recommendations and next steps to gain communications-based analytical insights. Registrations are still being accepted for this event.

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