News + EventsCalero-MDSL Introduces TrueSense™ to Provide Industry-Leading Telecom Benchmarking Capabilities
December 7, 2020

Calero-MDSL Introduces TrueSense™ to Provide Industry-Leading Telecom Benchmarking Capabilities

ROCHESTER, NY – Calero-MDSL, a leader in the high-growth technology expense management (TEM) software space, announced today the release and availability of its powerful new enterprise telecom benchmarking solution.

TrueSense™ allows enterprises to search and analyze product and service rates in a robust, anonymized database.  Customers now have the power to quickly identify cost-saving opportunities, improve contract negotiations with carriers, and validate price points for the quoting process.

“With the release of TrueSense™, we can now provide highly specialized product, bandwidth, and geographic market intelligence that is nearly impossible for a single enterprise to acquire,” said Ashley E. Kelm, Vice President of Operations. “TrueSense™ enables our clients to be the experts in telecom pricing and provides them with additional buying power when entering into carrier contract negotiations and evaluating their telecom estate.”

Users of the application will be able to harness the power of aggregated data, and billions of dollars of spend analytics, to take the guesswork out of telecom rates and service price points.

“Our commitment is to deliver product and customer service innovations to help solve many of the complex issues facing companies today and preparing them for the future,” said Scott Gilbert, President of Calero-MDSL. “The launch of our market changing TrueSense™ benchmarking feature is just the latest example of our team’s commitment to technology innovation,  with much more yet to come from Calero-MDSL.”


To schedule a guided demonstration of TrueSense™ visit Calero-MDSL.


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