BlogWhat are the Benefits of Managed Mobility Services?

What are the Benefits of Managed Mobility Services?

March 23, 2016, Mobility / Service Support

Managed Mobility Services help organizations manage and optimize their mobile workforce performance. Services may encompass sourcing and logistics, the management of services, devices, applications, and systems, content and data security, financial management, and business intelligence.

In a recent survey, IT managers were asked whether they were willing to outsource mobility management to a third-party managed mobility service provider.

An overwhelming 87 percent of respondents indicated that they are already working with a managed mobility services provider, or they are open to the possibility and evaluating potential vendors. These responses parallel recent reports that the MMS market is projected to reach $11.05 billion by 2019.

Driving this unprecedented growth in the MMS space is the high adoption rate of advanced technologies in the enterprise. As their IT departments become more complex, organizations are becoming progressively more aware that mobility poses all the communication management challenges of wireline, and more.

IT departments need to know where mobile devices are, what they cost the organization, how they are being used, and whether the network and data are secure. It’s a substantial undertaking – one that forward-thinking organizations are increasingly interested in outsourcing.

The good news is that a strong MMS solution from a reputable vendor provides excellent solutions to the mobility challenges facing the enterprise and can allow organizations to:

1. Maximize mobile workforce productivity without incurring additional resource costs.

2. Free up time and resources to focus on core business strategies and operations.

3. Achieve the best possible contract terms, rates, and conditions.

4. Ensure that mobile services are optimized on an ongoing basis.

5. Receive expert guidance on usage policies and data security.

6. Gain insight into best practices regarding employee versus corporate device ownership.

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