Blog“I cannot tell a lie, Enterprises, you know I cannot tell a lie! I will support Apple.”

“I cannot tell a lie, Enterprises, you know I cannot tell a lie! I will support Apple.”

April 10, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

In my last post, I talked about a search giant’s business model shift away from traditional banner advertising to a new mobile streaming advertising approach so they wouldn’t impact the mobile users experience. Big win for the mobile experience! Now, in a move that I thought I may never see during my work life, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft would be offering Office for iPad.

This wasn’t just the old version of Office with some updates either. It is a new Microsoft Office product specifically developed for the tablet. That sound you hear is the collective applause of all those enterprise employees who leverage Microsoft office, whether on their work or home PC, to be more effective and efficient in their roles. Many, if not all, have been saying for some time now how much more (and that is saying a lot) impactful their tablets could be if only Microsoft supported the iPad. I too have had many experiences where I had to forward an email or log onto my PC and access an email to make changes in a spreadsheet or word document. It would have been so much easier if I could have just opened it, did what I needed to it, and then return it to the sender. Additionally, if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft also showed its support for BYOD and SaaS. The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) provides device, identity and access management with data protection from the cloud. EMS also includes Windows Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium and Azure Rights Management Services to give IT the tools they need to protect corporate assets and enable personal devices.

As you think about these developments, which have happened in the span of about a month, you can see just how important your mobile workforce is today. Most software and hardware manufacturers are running to get their products created or optimized for mobile devices. The great news is that these new developments will help everyone be more efficient; IT and enterprise users. Huge win for the mobile enterprise!

Point, set and match. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is smiling.