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Playing to Win

June 10, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

“Because it’s the Cup” is echoed throughout the hockey world this time every year. There is nothing like playoff hockey in the NHL. The same can be said of mobility. Just being able to make phone calls or emails is like regular season hockey. Sure it’s important, but it doesn’t really count unless mobility can help you meet your businesses goals. The playoffs today in mobility are the mission critical applications driving revenue. Point-of-sale, logistics, and field force automation have become necessary services for growth in today’s market.

Companies struggle with appropriate costs for mobility, but if mobile services are driving revenue or reducing expenses for your company, why aren’t you investing more in mobility? It is table stakes to offer the convenience of voice services and email to your employees. To make the playoffs and win the Cup, you have to leverage mobility to win in your market place. You have to drive your business forward with revenue generating applications or crucial reporting. Will your team raise Lord Stanley’s Cup?