BlogNow Available: VeraSMART V.11 for Mobility Management

Now Available: VeraSMART V.11 for Mobility Management

March 24, 2016, Mobility / Service Support

As you continue to optimize your mobile workforces’ performance, we here at Calero are vigorously committed to updating our solutions to support your efforts, while keeping abreast of the industry’s latest trends. In the most recent Calero VeraSMART 11.0 update, we’ve created some enhanced usability features to make your job more efficient, automated and data driven.

Below are highlights of the most recent mobility management updates for VeraSMART:

Wireless Data Pooling
Looking for ways to better allocate wireless spend? Now you can. VeraSMART now includes two options for data pooling at the Master Account Level: Usage (or consumption) Based and Even Distribution. Charges can be allocated to employees and descriptions are configurable at the system level, for pooled voice and data plans giving clients the ability to quickly identify pooled plans.

Support for Wi-Fi Only Devices
Wi-Fi Only devices appear in the wireless portal page along with smartphones and devices with wireless numbers. They can be imported into VeraSMART and are identified by MEID/IMEI/ESN. They can also be ordered and managed within the portal. Users can also upgrade, order accessories, report Lost/Stolen, and more!

“Cancel Service” Available to Wireless Portal Users
No need for users to contact your mobility administrator or Calero’s Service Desk. Now they can submit a Cancel Service request right within the portal.

Approve or Reject Request via Email
Automatic email notifications are now sent to approvers to notify them of a request and they can then Approve or Reject from within the email – only 1 click to reply!

International Usage Appears in Portal Call Detail Records
International communications impact spend significantly. Portal users can now see their usage in Call Detail Records, Usage & Charges area. These call types are not fixed and are provided from the carrier invoice. Some example call types include: IntLD, IntRoam and IntlMMS.

Internal & Assigned Charges Can Be Assigned to Wireless Inventory
You may have a business need to apply certain internal charges or fees to wireless numbers. VeraSMART now includes the ability to apply those charges so mobile programs on VeraSMART are in alignment with how you manage your business. Best of all, charges can be one-time or recurring, they easily appear in the Wireless Number details, and internal charges and quickly be seen in the Assigned Charges reports.

Attachments Can Now Be Added to Wireless Number Records
Sometimes you need the ability to upload documentation received on a request for new service or include an email correspondence, or additional supportive documentation. Admins can now attach these files to the record for the wireless number.

Chat Service Enhancements
We want to make our interactions simple and clear. We’ve made modifications that allow us to more easily enable Chat for those of you who utilize this feature as part of your offering. The Chat tool is now an On/Off option within your account. Once enabled, it is visible within your wireless portal.

If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact VeraSMART support at or 585.381.0115.

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