BlogMobility Management Update: What’s New in VeraSMART 10.6.2

Mobility Management Update: What’s New in VeraSMART 10.6.2

October 9, 2015, Communications Lifecycle Management, Mobility / Service Support

If you attended the keynote session of Calero World 2015, you heard about the significant roadmap investments we’re making across our Communications Lifecycle Management solution set. This month, we’re introducing the first of a series of enhancements to our Managed Mobility solution.

The product development team has been busy over the past six months, talking to our existing client base, reaching out to potential customers, and paying close attention to the direction of industry overall. Our research led us to focus on 3 key areas for Mobility Management:

  1. Overall usability improvements for your Wireless Portal users.
  2. Empowering your Wireless Portal users by giving them more options for managing devices within the Portal.
  3. Giving you (Mobility Managers, within an organization), more options for configuring the Portal for Portal users; keeping in alignment with their corporate wireless policy.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the Wireless Portal’s new look. This allows us to add the first set of new workflows, and provides the framework for the new options we’ll be adding to the Portal in the future.

A redesigned home page makes it easy for Wireless Portal users to find important information at a glance when managing mobile devices.  We’ve also added quick access menu options across the top for simplified navigation (Home, Usage & Charges, Requests, Approvals, Support). Charts and graphs are easier to read under Usage and Charges. Portal users can also view Call Detail records under Usage and Charges, if enabled for your organization.

We’ve also made it easier to view open service desk requests. Plus, those with the ability to approve user requests can quickly see requests needing their approval, view the details, then Approve or Reject the request.

A new Manage option is available for each device. This is where Portal users will see the new Suspend and Resume Service workflows, Replace Device, and more. We will continue to expand the options in this area as part of future releases, increasing the self-serve capabilities for your Portal users.

We’ve introduced some new configuration options that will give Mobility Managers greater control of what their Portal users can see, including:

  • Whether or not Portal users can initiate a device replacement within the Portal
  • Whether or not Portal users can initiate a requires to suspend or resume service on a device when they report it lost or stolen
  • Whether or not Portal users can see their Call Detail records

We’ve also made some enhancements to Security Roles that will add allow additional options for users the appropriate roles for handling approvals and viewing catalogs when placing orders on behalf of others.

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