BlogIs Your Mobile Policy Best Serving Your Objectives?

Is Your Mobile Policy Best Serving Your Objectives?

May 19, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

I recently met with a client who had implemented a 500 minute cap on all employees.  If any user went over, they would be charged back $0.20/minute through payroll deduction.  This was working well to meet their objective of keeping usage down, and subsequently costs down.  The problem with this was the charge backs were a clunky and time consuming process and there were always exceptions to the rule and credits that needed to be applied.  The policy was at least 5 years old and they wanted to change.

We talked through the pit falls of the one size fits all cap: allowing for abuse for users who don’t need 500 minutes for their job role, punitive for those who are working diligently on the phone with suppliers and customers, etc.  We looked at the history of the policy and tried to determine the original problem they were trying to solve.  It turns out the drivers need the most monitoring.  They need to be connected for short calls during their haul, but they had the most opportunity to use the device for personal use.

The client needed more visibility into usage and trends within each business unit, but they also wanted to keep costs low.  We decided to keep pooling in place and provide a way to allocate costs equitably based on that usage.  Pooling your voice minutes (and possibly data usage) while allocating costs to the respective business units based on actual usage allows managers to take ownership of their costs and better manage process and tools for their teams.  By providing this visibility and analysis to the managers, they can duplicate successful behaviors in the use of mobile technology and correct undesired actions.  It’s call accounting at the speed of mobile.

A little about “Policy Management”

As part of a larger Manged Mobility Services (MMS) solution, Policy Management quickly assess your mobility needs, environment, risks and requirements, and define a road map to realize your organization’s mobility potential with Calero’s thorough Mobile Policy Consulting service. Once you’ve established your policy, Calero can enable and enforce it, with a full suite of services to ensure compliance and security, provide visibility into usage and control over costs, and create a positive user experience while maximizing productivity.