BlogThe Mobile Experience Is a Bunch of Hype

The Mobile Experience Is a Bunch of Hype

March 12, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

You may agree like many in fast growing markets that the rate of growth or significance of the changes in the market, while strong, can’t be as pervasive as everyone says; or can it?  I read an article recently that highlights the fact mobile usage and experience are the dominant driving forces today.  Internet search giant Yahoo, said publicly that they are fundamentally changing their advertisement business and ceasing to run traditional banner ads.  Let’s stop and think about this for a moment.  This is one of many companies that funded its rocket-ship growth trajectory for many years by flooding us with ads as we used their tools.  I think we can all agree that banner ads are frustrating to experience as you manage the web, but those ads are a staple we all love to hate.

According to the article, they decided that the mobile experience is so poor when sites serve up traditional banner ads, that they are going to focus on a more targeted “stream add” approach like many others including Facebook and Twitter.  Supposedly, this will create a better mobile user experience and conversion ad rate for mobile users.  Think about the significance of this move for Yahoo.  The impact of mobility is so important that they just bet the future of the company on it.  History is littered with many empty CEO seats where fundamental changes like this have occurred.  So, why should you care?

I believe that Yahoo sees the same mobile future for enterprises across the globe that I see as well.  The demand for mobile usage, content and support is growing at an extraordinary rate.  Organizations have to embrace this end user driven market and maximize its impact on business today in order to remain competitive.  The faster enterprises provide the tools and support to service its employees, the quicker it may receive the spoils.  The market is moving quickly.  Make sure you are ready so you don’t have to make any significant Yahoo like business moves to keep your company growing.

Do you, a, Yahoo?  Queue the music…YAHOOOOoooo.