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4 Best Practices for Enterprise App Adoption

April 9, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

The number of enterprise applications optimized for mobility is expected to quadruple in 2016. – IDC

The explosive growth of enterprise apps is changing the face of mobility and business. Organizations in all verticals are investing resources in enterprise applications to remain competitive, enhance workforce productivity, and streamline operations.

However – for an application to benefit your organization, end users first have to adopt it. According to SAP, more than 78 percent of apps are abandoned after first use. That end user resistance is part of the reason many enterprise mobility initiatives stall.

To ensure the success of your organization’s mobile app program, consider the following best practices for enterprise app adoption:

1. Account for end user expectations early on

Because employee adoption is critical to enterprise app success, user expectations and challenges should inform each stage of development. We recommend only deploying apps that deliver tangible solutions to employee problems, offer an intuitive user experience, and enhance workforce productivity.

2. Educate employees

Educate employees on the app before, during, and after the launch to drive end user adoption. Highlight the app’s benefits and demonstrate how it enables employees to perform tasks more efficiently. We also recommend incorporating feedback to ensure that the app sufficiently meets employee needs and expectations.

3. Offer technical support

According to CDW, 34 percent of enterprises cite “user technical support” as a challenge with the deployment of custom mobile apps.

Organizations need to prioritize ongoing technical support, because it helps to maintain user engagement with enterprise apps. For example, Calero’s help desk service quickly resolves end user issues and enables employees to continue using their applications. To supplement that support, we recommend providing in-depth documentation that answers frequently asked questions and serves as a resource for end users in need of assistance.

4. Leverage an intuitive app store or catalog

According to Gartner, 25 percent of enterprises will have an enterprise app store by 2017.

An intuitive, easy-to-use app store or catalog can drive enterprise app adoption by making it easy for end users to access and upgrade their applications. We recommend categorizing apps by job function, highlighting new apps, featuring user reviews, and alerting employees when new apps or upgrades are made available.

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