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Benefits of Wireless Expense Audits

January 5, 2016, Expense Management, Mobility / Service Support

The enterprise mobility market is projected to reach $5.7 billion in revenue by 2018, according to The Radicati Group, and many businesses rely on mobile devices and services for critical business operations. Citrix reports 61 percent of workers are out of the office for a portion of their working hours, and having access to mobile devices turns that out-of-office time into productive time. 

Telecommunication spend for companies is $1.6 trillion annually, according to Gartner, and takes up a significant portion of the IT budget due to its critical position for business operations. Wireless expense audits look into telecommunication expenses related to wireless service, helping companies gain insight into their wireless spend and discovering saving opportunities.

Listing Wireless Expenses

The discovery process provides a full list of the company’s wireless expenses from the vendor providing the service to the breakdown of charge categories. When a company has a breakdown of wireless expenses, it gains visibility into its wireless infrastructure and costs. Full expense visibility is the first step to wireless expense optimization. From there, companies need to identify categories of possible wasted spend, such as Zero Use, extraneous features like Sports Scores, insurance and hardware charges.

Identifying Saving Opportunities

Once the wireless expense list is complete and usage trends established, cost saving opportunities can be identified. A common area for cost saving is eliminating overlapping or poorly managed services, such as purchasing a larger data pool than necessary. Another area to address includes tracking invoices on wireless expenses to avoid missing discounts, wasted spend, unused features or poor processes compounding or prolonging overspending. The savings found by expense audits helps free up a significant amount for the IT budget.

Wireless Expense Optimization

eWeek found up to 26 percent of telecommunication expenses are made in error, whether the bill is incorrect or the business isn’t getting the rates it should be. Usage based costs can be complex, but managing them well will help reduce spend.

If an enterprise isn’t on top of its wireless expense management, it’s easy for the expenses to get out of control. A wireless expense audit helps businesses gain visibility into telecom spend, identify saving opportunities, and optimize expenses going forward.

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