Blog5 Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

5 Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

January 13, 2015, Mobility / Service Support

There’s no denying the strong trend we’re seeing towards an increasingly mobile workforce. And while this new way of working is great for employee productivity, it also has its drawbacks – primarily in regards to corporate security.

When your employees are working remotely, how can you ensure that their devices, wireless communications, and sensitive corporate data are safe and protected at all times? The answer is simple: By implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to oversee your workforce’s remote activity.

We recommend a solution that is comprised of the following 5 best practices for Mobile Device Management, as we’ve found them to be the most effective at keeping companies of all sizes out of harm’s way:

1. Require anti-malware software. We can’t overstress this one. Require all employees to install and update anti-malware software on their devices — both company-issued and personal.

2. Require data encryption. Wireless communications are incredibly easy to intercept; make sure yours are safe by encrypting them. We recommend our clients go one step further and prevent devices that cannot be encrypted from connecting to corporate resources and networks.

3. Enforce strong password and security features. It’s important to have security features that go beyond the local device options. We recommend requiring a strong, alphanumeric password; responding to failed login attempts with a wipe of the device’s internal storage; and automatically locking the device after a period of inactivity.

4. Create a virtual work environment. The safest way to protect your organization is to require mobile employees to log into a virtual work environment, in which all communications and data are protected.

5. Perform regular security audits. Consider bringing in a third party to test your organization’s mobile security. For example, we offer a security service that allows us to find any issues your current MDM solution has, so we can remedy them before a breach occurs. As mobile technology continues to advance, your MDM solutions need to evolve as well. We recommend staying apprised of what’s happening in this field, so your organization is as safe as possible at all times.

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