Blog4 Things to Expect from Future Enterprise Mobility Management

4 Things to Expect from Future Enterprise Mobility Management

November 20, 2014, Mobility / Service Support

Enterprise Mobility Management is still relatively young and constantly evolving, so it’s a challenge for companies to stay up to date on news in the field.

That said, the ability to make smart EMM investments rests on enterprises being aware of where the market is headed to avoid investing in a strategy that will be obsolete within a matter of months, and avoid missing an opportunity to improve upon your current systems.

 So how do you stay ahead of the curve? Here are 4 things to be aware of in future Enterprise Mobility Management:

#1. Wearable devices will have a seat at the table. In the very near future there will be an increased opportunity to utilize wearables such as smart watches and smart glasses. These devices have the potential to improve user experience, as well as help IT departments manage and facilitate productivity.

#2. Expect almost seamless integration tools. As EMM becomes more sophisticated, you can expect access to streamlined, simplistic solutions that enable you to integrate your chosen EMM system into your existing infrastructure.

#3. Mobile workforce productivity will be the focus. The market is shifting from a focus on managing devices to facilitating productivity. The companies at the forefront will invest in systems that reflect that focus in a user-friendly manner.

#4. Application management will be easier. App wrapping has become obsolete, and iOS 8 has made application management more efficient than ever. When using Open in Management with iOS devices, you are able to protect corporate data by controlling which apps and accounts are used to open certain documents and attachments. This feature keeps work documents in corporate apps and prevents personal documents from being opened in managed accounts.

These are the most exciting developments on the horizon in the EMM space right now, but, this young field is rapidly evolving. New developments will continue to emerge, which is why it’s so important to be aware of where the market is headed. The more informed you are, the more effective your company’s EMM strategy will be.

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