Sourcing and Logistics

Sourcing and Logistics

The Sourcing and Logistics component of our Managed Mobility Services solution provides expert insight and logistical support to streamline your business operations and minimize disruptions to your service.

Sourcing and Logistics includes the following capabilities:

End-User Portal

We can set up an end-user-facing web interface to request services, report incidents, monitor transactions, and view expenses.

Self-Service Catalog

We can provide a published packaged list of the plans, devices, and accessories you offer to your to end-users, and fulfill orders from that list through a self-service catalog. Service catalog access is governed by role assignment.


Calero can facilitate procurement transactions with carriers on your behalf  to purchase devices, plans, and related accessories.

Device Provisioning

We can configure carrier services and features (carrier, MDM, application, etc.) to a specific mobile device.

Stage, Kit and Deploy

Our experts will physically configure each mobile device to meet your specifications for device set-up, end-user out-of-box experience, and delivery.

Carrier Service Activation

Calero can interact with your carrier to establish mobile service.

Upgrades and Replacements

We can handle fulfillment and tracking of requested changes to devices, plans, and accessories.  We can house your inventory and offer next-day replacements to your users.

Number Porting

Calero can interact with carriers to port numbers from one carrier to another

Liability Transfer

We can transfer liability for a mobile number from personal to business or vice versa.

Break/Fix Depot Repair

Our experts will resolve reported issues including receipt of broken inventory, warranty repairs, and replacement to end-users outside of carrier procurement.

Asset Disposal

Let Calero handle management and logistics surrounding collection of your assets for disposal, security wipe, and financial recovery.


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