Security and Content

Security and Content

The Security and Content component of Calero’s Managed Mobility Services solution is predicated on the capabilities of the your selected MDM platform. We provide the systems and services to administer and enforce rule-based policies relating to access and consumption of corporate resources and content through authentication, encryption and containerization.

Security and Content management capabilities include:

Rule-Based Policy Management

We can configure device and application rules to enforce key elements of your mobile policy using your licensed MDM technologies.

Blacklist / Whitelist of Third Party Applications

Our experts can configure and manage the blocked and approved lists of your third party applications, and maintain the rules of blacklist/white list policies using your supplied MDM technologies.

Content Management

We will create a company content (e.g., documents, images, etc.) repository and disbursement policy using your supplied MDM technologies.

Fraud analysis

Our experts will analyze usage, expenses, applications, and other aspects of mobile devices from your invoices. They can leverage MDM technologies to configure alerts for real-time signs of potential fraudulent use outside of your mobile policy.


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