Program and Financial Management

Program and Financial Management

The Program and Financial Management component of Calero’s Managed Mobility Services solution involves acting on your behalf with third-party providers — such as MNOs, application publishers (independent software vendors), device OEMs and device resellers — to conduct ongoing and project-based services such as service outage, network performance and coverage issues; warranty management; device upgrade management and local number portability transfer issues.

We can also manage your device financing plans, program audits, payments and disputes, and allocation of your mobility expenses.

Program and Financial Management includes the following capabilities:

Mobile Application Distribution & Updates

We will distribute the configured application “catalog” and on-going updates, based on each end-user’s profile.

Application Release & Change Management

Our experts will maintain a record of version number of deployed applications vs. currently available version for each device, providing an audit trail for updated applications on each device.

Application Incident & Problem Management

We can track and communicate mobile application issues, whether reported automatically or by end-clients, through resolution.

Tier III Help Desk Application Support

Our experts will resolve end-user issues related to installing and using mobile applications.

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