Devices and Systems

Devices and Systems

For Mobile Device Management

The Devices and Systems component of our Managed Mobility Services solution encompasses the mobile device management systems and internal support services that make device-specific information visible, measure device performance and health diagnostics, manage and optimize connection options (cellular, hot spot and Wi-Fi), establish process control and apply consistent change and revision management processes and methodologies.

Devices and Systems includes the following capabilities:

Asset Discovery and Management

We can track track your deployed devices, both corporate-liable and personal-liable, in real-time; and monitor your software assets and registered devices access.

Device Specific Information

Calero will maintain an inventory of key ID and characteristics of each device (e.g., OS, connection options, etc.), relative to the configuration of each device.

Device Performance Measurement

We will collect and display data on device performance to support troubleshooting issues, warehouse and aggregate performance characteristics (e.g., data transfer speeds, battery performance, quality of service issues, etc.)

Process Control and Change Management

Our experts will implement workflows to direct your business process steps, approvals, and status changes to ensure consistent, repeatable, and measurable business processes and adherence to your mobile policies.

Help Desk

Calero will provide provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 help desk services to resolve end-user questions about all supported services for a given device (e.g., activation, carrier features, applications, access to company resources, expenses, and deactivations); and provide support to your admins for portions of the platform accessible to them (e.g., dashboards, reports, catalogs, portal configuration, etc.)

MDM Application Server Setup

We can install your mobile device management Application Server and configure the necessary components and user profiles on your hardware.

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