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See Calero VeraSMART 12.0 in Action

The latest set of enhancements to Calero VeraSMART is sure to delight! View the brief demo video to see how the updated modular approach supports the entire communications lifecycle.

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Calero PINNACLE 7.0

What's new in Calero PINNACLE 7.0?

PINNACLE helps you achieve more with a more intuitive interface, optimized screen real estate, simplified access to tasks, enhanced internal learning, and advanced data discovery.

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Podcast: Calero + Avaya DevConnect: Business Intelligence and Call Accounting

Drop in on our conversation with Larry Foster, VP Strategy of Calero Software, one of our newest additions to the Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program.

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Calero’s VeraSMART Call Accounting InSight Analytics Tour

Easily explore vast amounts of valuable data and quickly investigate “what’s happening” and “why.”

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Calero’s PINNACLE InSight Analytics

With the proliferation of communication channels (Voice, Mobile, Messaging, Video, WebRTX), the volume of communication data is so large that any sort of manual analysis is inefficient, even for companies with relatively low volumes. This is ultimately the challenge of Big Data – that data alone is meaningless without solutions designed to explore, analyze and interpret – That’s where data discovery and visualization tools come into play.

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Managed Mobility Services Device Provisioning

The Calero Managed Mobility Services (MMS) solution covers everything mobile, from strategy development, ordering devices, configuration, deployment, support and expense management, to managing services and securing retired devices when employees leave.

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Everything You Need to Know About Call Accounting…in Five Minutes!

We'll tell you everything you need to know about call accounting!

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TEM / WEM InSight Analytics Solution

Optimize all your communication costs (across voice, data and mobile) on one single platform.
Calero’s Expense Management solution combines the capabilities of both Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Expense Management (WEM), to help you simplify the optimization of all of your communication costs, enhance services, increase productivity, improve regulatory compliance, and get more from your existing infrastructure.

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Communications Lifecycle Management Approach Video

A solution category evolved from traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides total visibility across the entire communications lifecycle.

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The Business Value of Call Accounting Software

Let us show you how VeraSMART Wireline and Wireless Call Accounting software helps you quickly combine, simplify and shareyour telecom and UC data, so that you can spend more time on your major communications projects.

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InSight Analytics- Transform Communications Data

Investment into communications management is really an investment into transparency and visibility in order to drive smart, data-driven decision making, cost-savings and actionable insights.

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