Knowledge CenterTop 5 Reasons to Explore PINNACLE’s Licensed Hosted SaaS Solution

Top 5 Reasons to Explore PINNACLE’s Licensed Hosted SaaS Solution

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You want the latest that PINNACLE has to offer, but don’t have the technical staff to maintain the upgrade or database server resources to expand? No problem! Calero can host your entire PINNACLE solution within our Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. Not only will you have access to the latest enhancements such as the expanded Service Desk features and InSight Analytics, the responsibility of performing the upgrade steps are handled by the Calero subject matter experts. No more challenges with securing technical staff to help with upgrade releases. It’s a great way to leverage the PINNACLE software license rights you already own.

• Eliminate the need to find/schedule in-house technical staff for upgrades, that’s what we’re here for
• Make it easier to move to Oracle Database from previous versions
• Remove the requirement to have costly servers or IT infrastructure in-house
• Easily move to the latest version, with the newest functionality
• Provide predictable costs and lower total costs of ownership, enabling the reallocation of resources to grow business