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Telecom Expense Management (TEM) progrm supports technology transformation and delivers significant savings for The Scottish Government

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Executive Summary

The Scottish Government was established in 1999 and is responsible for most of the day-to-day issues affecting the people of Scotland, including health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport. The infrastructure supports 13,000 users including telephony services.


As far as the management of their telecom estate was concerned, The Scottish Government had a call logging and recharging service in place but did not use a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution. Keeping track of its inventory of assets, billing and usage was becoming unmanageable. There was no effective visibility of phones and services which meant that billing errors made by the carrier were being missed. Overall, there was a lack of comprehensive control of the estate.

At the same time, they were undergoing a migration from ISDN to a SIP solution and there was a need to track progress and ensure the migration of services would be deployed effectively. The Calero team was brought in to address these challenges with their Microsoft Azure cloud-based TEM solution.


The Calero team first created a detailed inventory of the estate across multiple network providers. Based on this detailed inventory, the team was able to perform a deep-dive analysis that identified areas for savings opportunities. Thanks to the transparency and fine detail provided by solution, it was possible to:

  • Identify historical billing errors, ceased lines still billing, and redundant lines that could be ceased
  • Reprice services, based on actual usage
  • Improve telecom asset management and tracking
Calero-MDSL has worked with the Scottish Government to help shine a light on our legacy telephony and network services, bringing costs under control and identifying other areas where we can anticipate further savings.

—Graham Mitchell, Head of Technical Architecture, The Scottish Government


The 12-month project delivered impressive results:

  • Created and maintained an accurate inventory of the entire estate
  • Provided invoice validation and highlighting of disputes
  • Provided rationalisation and optimisation opportunities
  • Created clear reporting and spend monitoring, and
  • Enabled the creation of budgets and forecasting across the entire estate.

Savings of up to £450,000 were identified, which were split into two areas:

  1. Savings and rebates on existing services, including 20% saving of annual spend on ceased services still billing.
  2. Opportunities for future savings and cost reductions including 21% of annual spend on zero usage devices that could be ceased.

In addition, the migration project from ISDN to SIP platform was tracked successfully – no lines were left behind.

The Scottish Government renewed their TEM contract with the additional provision of Call Logging to replace the previous solution. This allows them to understand telephony usage metrics around organisations within the Scottish Government and automates charge back for fiscal efficiency.