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Knowledge CenterTEMIA: BYOD Do’s and Don’ts

TEMIA: BYOD Do’s and Don’ts

Increasingly, consumer technology sets the agenda for the workplace. Consumerization of enterprise IT promises to lower costs, increase agility and produce other benefits. In addition, employees are demanding more control of the technology that they use at work through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), Corporate Liable Employee Owned, (CLEO) and Corporate Owned Personally-Enabled or COPE programs.

Corporate Liable, BYOD, CYOD, CLEO, COPE Defined

With Corporate Liable devices the employer is responsible, or liable, for the bills. While this paper focuses on BYOD, it is worth pointing out that some employers are taking a different approach. Instead of abandoning corporate liable programs they are strengthening them.

For enterprises that implement a BYOD strategy, TEMIA members report that only 5% of firms do not reimburse employees for their monthly service fee expense.