Knowledge CenterTelecom Management for a Large Research University: Carnegie Mellon

Telecom Management for a Large Research University: Carnegie Mellon

The Telecommunications Department generates student and faculty/staff bills on a monthly basis. Previously, two to three days were required to transfer over 900 directories to an alternate server, via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). An additional two to three days were required to actually generate and feed the billing information into the University’s accounting system. In order to more efficiently and accurately generate bills, Carnegie Mellon implemented the Calero software.

About Carnegie Mellon:

In 1900, industrialist Andrew Carnegie founded Carnegie Mellon University, a world-renowned research University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to diverse research, Carnegie Mellon University is also recognized for its world-class computer science program and business school. In an effort to foster international relations, Carnegie Mellon has established a campus in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar. Carnegie Mellon Telecommunications provides students, faculty and staff with a full range of basic and advanced telecommunications services including telephone service, voicemail and cable television.

About Calero:

Calero provides enterprise communications management solutions to thousands of customers in the United States and more than 40 countries worldwide, including Fortune 1000 corporations, universities and government agencies. Calero is headquartered in Rochester, NY, with additional offices in Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee.