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How NBCUniversal Supports the Telecom Needs of Their Clientele


NBCUniversal is an American worldwide mass media conglomerate formed in 2004. The company is comprised of several diverse businesses, including theme parks, the broadcast and news division, and media production for television, film and digital entertainment. Their business is one that requires a highly flexible, yet transparent, process to manage and support the telecom needs of both internal constituents and external customers – a clientele that expects the highest level of service.

NBCUniversal is a Comcast company, headquartered in New York, New York.


NBCUniversal was using a custom and internally built proprietary call accounting application to track devices, manage asset bill backs, track department-to-department charges, and identify and post third-party information to SAP in order to obtain revenue. Maintenance was a challenge and upgrades often felt impossible due to the time and effort required to test and validate changes prior to implementation.


NBCUniversal selected Calero to replace their custom internal call accounting application. They were looking for an out-of-the-box SaaS solution, with customizable fields native to the application. They required flexible administrative tools and robust reporting capabilities. But, ultimately NBCUniversal was looking to partner with a provider that could offer expertise and guidance in the way of industry standard practices, along with end-to-end support services.


NBCUniversal leverages ServiceNow integrations with Calero to deliver a front-end customer focused service/ordering portal for their external customers. They use a data-driven approach to support strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and are able to report on those SLAs with analytics built within the Calero solution. And finally, they are able to efficiently manage complex financial charge-backs based on actual usage – delivering transparency and instilling trust.

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