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Geneseo, New York

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Located in the historic village of Geneseo in the upstate Finger Lakes region, the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo is a premier public liberal arts college with a rich tradition of academic excellence. The university recently placed number one in the “U.S. News & World Report Best Under-graduate Teaching” rankings for north region universities in its “Best Colleges” guidebook. It has approximately 5,700 undergraduates and a combined staff and faculty of 1,200.

Long-Standing Partnership

The university has been a long-standing advocate of Calero solutions since its first implementation in 1987; with another milestone occurring in 2001, when the decision was made to move to a fully-hosted service. Marie Shero, senior instructional support specialist and telephone services manager for SUNY Geneseo, recalled, “Among the many advantages, we saw great benefit in letting Calero be our full-time database administrator, and implemented the software- as-a-service version of what is now known as Calero Telecommunications Management.”

Since the original implementation, the telecommunications industry has undergone a series of major transformations. “I was hired by the university in 2001 and I’ve witnessed some significant changes in the responsibilities and business model of my department, as well as to the types of services we provide,” noted Shero. “Throughout this time, the Calero solutions have been able to adapt to our needs and continue to add value to SUNY Geneseo.”

Leading the Way

With the assistance of Calero consultants, Shero’s department has been a pioneer in the delivery of innovative services to its users, including making SUNY Geneseo one of the first schools to do email billing for subscribers and providing a web portal as a convenient method of payment. “Calero partnered closely with us to really understand our requirements and to help in making these capabilities a reality,” Shero recalled.

Calero partnered closely with us to really understand our requirements & to help in making these capabilities a reality.

—Marie Shero, senior instructional support specialist & telephone services manager, SUNY Geneseo

Running a mixture of in-house and custom-written reports, Shero’s department manages usage and monthly recurring charges for SUNY Geneseo’s phone equipment. Itemized lists of calls enable differentiation between official and personal usage, which is a New York State audit requirement.

Constantly Evolving, Consistently Improving

Calero is continually adding features and functionality to its solutions. Shero commented, “The evolution has been great, and even moving between major versions has been straightforward. The solutions’ modular structure enables us to receive exactly the functionality we need without having to implement anything that isn’t relevant to our environment.

“A great example of this was the addition of the ‘E911’ capability: We have our own university law enforcement team and they work in tandem with both the local and county police departments. Calero’s inclusion of an integrated E911 function has been really valuable and it’s the primary way we manage E911 on the campus. We were able to deploy the exact functionality we needed without having to add superfluous capabilities.”

As a Calero client for many years, Shero has had the opportunity to really get to know the products, the people, and the company.
“I wouldn’t have been a customer for such a long time if our needs weren’t being met and if I didn’t have confidence in the products. Everything has been rock solid and my assigned Calero account team is really tremendous but what I’m really pleased about is that I continue to see a sincere desire to make things even better,” summarized Shero.