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Calero TEM Case Study Medical University

The Problem

The telephone system of this State University had been managed by the State’s Telecommunications Office for decades. When the State turned over ownership of the telephone system, the University had to deal directly with carriers for the first time. They needed a new solution that would allow them to capture telecom costs and charge them back to the University departments.

The Solution

The Calero solution enables the University to allocate usage costs, assign one-time charges for work performed or equipment purchased, and assign recurring charges for monthly billing. They use the system to track and manage inventory on a daily basis, adding new phones, disconnecting numbers, changing billing departments, etc. The system administrator can import information from various sources and adjust charge codes as needed to make sure all charges are properly allocated.

The system’s built-in reporting engine automatically emails department managers when their monthly bills are available for review. Managers can link directly from the email to billing details to audit their charges and identify unnecessary lines that can be disconnected to reduce their annual telephone budgets.

The Results

The University’s previous process for creating monthly chargeback bills required the efforts of at least two people and was very time-consuming and tedious. They posted the bills online, but there was no effective way to notify managers that they were available for review. Now, it is just a matter of entering one-time charges, importing the invoices, re-executing the end of period processing, and running the billing report. Telecom expenses are collected, consolidated, and charged back to the departments that incurred them…automatically. According to the University’s Manager of Telecommunications & Network Services, “What used to take hours or days now takes minutes.”

Calero Software is the new alternative to the status quo in communications management, with a commitment to innovation and customer service.