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Knowledge CenterCalero-MDSL enables global expansion capabilities for a multinational software company

Calero-MDSL enables global expansion capabilities for a multinational software company

The larger your organization is, the more challenging it becomes to keep track of all the communications equipment your people are using, and even more so the services that connect those devices. Given the extent of the expense, a lack of control often results in a far more costly error than most may surmise. Keeping track of the telecom inventory is only part of the opportunity. Streamlined processes for obtaining, deploying, provisioning, maintaining, and retiring telecom services and equipment throughout their useful lifecycle make a significant contribution to the bottom line, and also to the efficiency and effectiveness of the users’ experience. The time and effort they save may not be as easily quantifiable, but it can be just as significant.

This multinational computer software company has over 10,000 mobile devices deployed worldwide, approximately 80% in the United States with the other 20% distributed internationally. They struggled with difficulty in obtaining real visibility across their telecom estate. This limited their ability to assign and maintain accountability. The sheer number of locations also contributed to the challenge. They soon discovered there really was no such thing as a true global telecom provider. Each of their locations connected with a local telecom company, resulting in thousands of small bills coming in every month to be sorted, scanned, validated, and paid. As the mobile estate grew the more challenges arose.
Underlying all this was the clear feeling that they weren’t procuring or managing this important resource nearly as well as they could, so they engaged experts.

Expanding upon a long-standing relationship, the client turned to Calero-MDSL to extend the comprehensive set of Managed Mobility Services provided in North America (including mobility helpdesk, procurement, depot, and expense management) to mainland Europe, and segments of the Asia-Pacific region.

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