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Knowledge CenterHow BNSF Logistics Achieved Quick Wins with their Call Reporting Solution

How BNSF Logistics Achieved Quick Wins with their Call Reporting Solution

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Third Party Logistics


Flower Mound, TX

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Air, Customs House Brokerage, Engineering, Intermodal, Managed Transportation, Ocean, Over the Road, Project Cargo, Rail/Transload, Reverse Logistics, Solutions Consulting


BNSF Logistics, founded in 2002, is an industry-leading transportation intermediary, committed to providing value to its customers through professional acumen, entrepreneurial drive, and individual commitment. One of the fastest growing providers of third-party logistics, the company takes great pride in its service offerings, flexibility, and modal breadth.

BNSF Logistics is a Berkshire Hathaway company and wholly owned subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC.


BNSF’s previous call reporting solution was no longer meeting their needs, it was running on outdated hardware that had become unstable, and it was producing unreliable data.

While some managers were still interested in seeing the totals of inbound and outbound calls, others had requested the ability to report on missed call averages, ring and hold times, transfer times, hunt group activity, etc. They wanted to be able to report on those metrics in finer detail, like specific times of day, or specific geographies of calls.

BNSF Logistics sought assistance from their consultant, Carousel Industries, in finding a new solution. They provided Carousel with the following list of required solution capabilities:

  • PBX compatibility (Avaya Aura)
  • On-premise installation
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Scalability
  • Automation Options
  • Exceptional Customer Service

BNSF chose the Calero VeraSMART solution after it was demonstrated to meet all of their requirements.

Quick Wins

After a fast, smooth implementation, the BNSF system administrator reported that they “were able to really hit the ground running. Within just a day or two, we had started to implement many of those features and reports that our users had been requesting. Because the VeraSMART interfaces are all so intuitive and easy to navigate, our users had a very easy time exploring the tool and creating their own reports that they wanted to see for their specific teams’ needs.”

Once the new reporting software was up and running, they were quickly able to simplify some team structures to reduce administration across the board. Calero VeraSMART reports also provided evidence that calls were or were not placed in a certain time frame when dealing with issues such as claim disputes.

Another quick win involved an BNSF operational office that had experienced a recent business uptick. The manager, concerned about being able to cover the increased call volume, expressed his concerns to the BNSF system admin.

The admin utilized the Missed Calls by Time of Day Report to produce an aggregate view of the team’s performance metrics – showing many calls were coming in, how many of those were being answered, and how many went unanswered, and everything down into percentages. With that information, the office manager reworked the strategy for handling calls from key accounts, and eventually was able to justify hiring additional office staff.

Other VeraSMART reports and features proved immediately valuable to the BNSF system admin:

  • Call Search Report: for being able to prove or disprove whether specific calls were being made
  • Ring Time Analysis Report: to identify and resolve gaps in phone coverage, so that response time and overall customer services could be improved
  • InSight Analytics: to provide managers with an easy to understand summary dashboards of what’s happening with their team’s phone behavior.
  • Call Summary Extension Report: to show how many calls a team makes every day, the average duration, and total talk time


The Calero VeraSMART call reporting solution provided BNSF Logistics with the advanced reporting, scalability, and automation options they required. BNSF decision makers and team leaders quickly gained a better understanding on what was happening on the phones within their teams, and were able to start driving factors of operational efficiency such as increased staffing or dedicated resources for certain accounts.

“Access to all of this data and such great detail has really enabled our decision makers to have a better understanding of what’s happening on the phones within their teams, and start driving factors of operational efficiency.”

– Holly Roberts, Systems Administrator, BNSF Logistics