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Calero PINNACLE Licensed Hosting SaaS Solution

PINNACLE Licensed Hosting

The benefits of licensed hosted surround efficiency, simplicity, and savings, both time and financial. It allows your team to experience a smooth transition while still focusing on your main objectives. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eliminating the need to find/schedule technical staff for upgrades, that’s what we’re here for
  • Simplified maintenance and management of solution upgrades
  • No costly servers or IT infrastructure, in-house
  • Easily moving to the latest version, with the newest functionality
  • Providing predictable costs and lower total costs of ownership, enabling the reallocation of resources to grow business

With the growing demands of our industry and roles, our connectivity is what drives our success. When that connectivity, to our essential workplace tools, is simplified through automatic updates, a reduction in resources behind the scenes, and streamlined efficiency, our objectives are clearly more attainable.

Moving to a licensed hosting SaaS environment makes all the sense in the world for organizations that are interested in keeping things simple. Whether you’re on our latest release, or on a previous version, you have the ability to make the move. And we’re here to help.