IT and Telecom Management Inventory

IT and Telecom Management Inventory

The Inventory component of our IT Telecommunications Management solution encompasses the lifecycle of your physical assets – from procurement through warehouse receiving, distribution, warranty, return maintenance authorization, replacement, upgrades and retirement.

Inventory includes the following capabilities:

Physical assets

Our solution provides lifecycle management:  procuring, receiving, storing, distributing and retiring of all your physical assets, with automatic updates of your financials.

Software assets

We provide lifecycle management: procuring, tracking, financially charge for and changing all your licensed and subscription-based software.

Leased Services

Our solution includes lifecycle management: leasing, tracking, changing, retirement and reassignment of all your services leased from commercial service providers.

Procurements & Replacements

We manage the structure and recording of all parameters associated to procurements and replacements, including serial number, supplying vendor, manufacturer, procurement cost and internal resale price.

Warehouse Management

Our experts will manage and track the disposition of all your warehouse inventories, including quantities on hand, distributions, returns, storage, transfers, etc.

Warranty Management

We can track specific configurations, warranties, trade-ins, replacements and maintenance schedules of your serialized inventory items.

Distributions & Returns

We will manage the disposition lifecycle of all inventory items distributed from, and returned to, your warehouse distribution points.


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