Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

The Invoice Processing component of Calero’s Expense Management Solution helps you manage invoice loading, the audit function with the accounts payable and bill payment business operations:

Invoice Loading

ELECTRONIC:  Calero will receive and load your electronic invoices, and maintain purpose-built invoice translators to parse proprietary electronic invoice file formats. PAPER: Calero will receive and load paper invoices in any language. Or if you prefer, you can continue loading your own paper invoices.

Invoice Validation

We can perform technology-enabled validation of your invoices, to enable the identification, encumbrance, and management of disputed invoice charges for deduction of charges from invoice payment transactions. We offer two different tiers: TIER 1 – IN-CYCLE AUDIT: The automated bi-directional reconciliation of the key elements of billed items within an invoice (e.g. Billing Account, Service, Assigned Charge and Rate) with service inventory data records stored in the application. Records that are validated are approved for payment. Inaccuracies are flagged for incorrect values due to missing records and/or records not billed within proper activation dates. Exceptions are classified as candidates for Disputes transactions which are then mitigated with carriers for credits. TIER 2 – ADVANCED AUDIT: Encompasses additional expense management analytics such as comparisons to contracted rates, misrepresented tariffs and fees, statistical analysis of usage records for inefficient, fraudulent or abusive activities, identification of services that may be underutilized, inactive or exceeding contracted usage thresholds. Recommendations are provided to resolve issues and prevent recurrence.

Invoice Approval

Our solution automates workflows, notifications and audit trail for payment based on your business rules governing payment thresholds by service, locations, vendor, etc

Accounts Payable

We can generate custom-formatted financial transactions that aggregate invoice charges assigned to specific general ledger chart-of-accounts to facilitate payment to your carrier.

Bill Payment

We will render payments to carriers on your behalf.

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