InSight Analytics

Explore, analyze and interpret all voice, mobile and unified communications data across the complete lifecycle, from procurement to payment


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InSight Analytics

Transform Communications Data into Actionable Insights

With the proliferation of communication channels (voice, mobile, messaging, video, and WebRTC), the volume of communication data is so large that any sort of manual analysis is inefficient, even for companies with relatively low volumes. The challenge of Big Data is that data alone is meaningless without solutions designed to explore, analyze and interpret. That’s where data discovery and visualization tools come into play.

Calero’s InSight Analytics solution transforms your communications data into clear and actionable insights to be used in ways you never could before, in order to make great decisions. InSight Analytics allows you to rapidly create visualizations, dissect data, reveal connections instantly, and explore opportunities from every angle delivering quantifiable business insights, designed to ensure future growth and success.

Explore, analyze and interpret all voice,
mobile and unified communications data

Take Control of Your Communications

Easily explore vast amounts of valuable data and quickly investigate “what’s happening” and “why.” Combine data from wireline, wireless and unified communications to rapidly and visually understand usage and spend across all communication channels, adjusting programs and processes accordingly.

Take Action in the Moment

Accelerate ROI with end-to-end transparency into your programs, providing immediate insight and transparency to help you make decisions and take corrective action fast.

Collaborate and Share

Visually bring your data to life, making it easy to share cost savings, potential risks and additional new insights with management and other members of the team.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Quickly view key performance indicators providing instant insight into metrics like geographic patterns, hidden spend trends, compliance risks and usage overages.

Intuitively Root Cause Savings Opportunities

Drill deeper into your data, leveraging free-form exploration to identify issues like zero-use devices and over charge scenarios by vendor to quickly initiate disputes, or leverage insights during contract negotiations with carriers and vendors.


Introducing InSight Analytics


Unparallelled Features

Interactive Data Discovery and Visualization

Charts, tables and graphs are displayed together for deep exploration. Each click updates your entire view, so you can make discoveries and explore new questions unveiling new explanations and opportunities.

Web Browser-Like Search Capabilities

Unsure where to begin looking? Simply type in search terms, just like you would in a web browser, to uncover data relationships and information in places you wouldn’t think to look.

Explore Multiple Data Sources

Seamlessly navigate vast amounts of data, from multiple sources, to gain a more comprehensive view of your business.

Powered by In-Memory Database Design

Optimized, in-memory speeds means compressing your data sets down to a fraction of their original size and driving instant exploration abilities, even while performing free-form analysis.

Data Discovery and Visualization is a Key Feature Within Each Calero Solution

InSight Analytics is designed to support the full communication lifecycle, or just parts of it based on your current requirements. Learn more about solutions that include this best-in-class analytics solution below

 Telecom Expense Management

Reduce costs while driving complete control and visibility with automated invoice processing & visual analytics to enable action based decision making. Learn More

 IT Expense Management

Apply structured processes born from Telecom Expense Management to other IT services including Cloud licenses, data center facility charges, and eliminate erroneous billing, right size capacity against usage, consolidate vendors and renegotiate existing contracts. Learn More

Wireless Expense Management

Rein in the complexity of managing today’s mobile enterprise by turning insight into action with solutions focused on reducing costs while properly managing assets, services and usage. Learn More

VeraSMART Call Accounting & Reporting

Access real-time, business-critical wireline and wireless call record data from virtually anywhere with Calero’s VeraSMART® (eCAS®) Call Accounting & Reporting solution. Learn More

With You Every Step of the Way

Consulting Services

With decades of experience helping organizations implement communication management solutions, Calero serves as an extension of your team that is with you every step of the way to assure you achieve predictable performance improvement.


Calero’s long list of certifications reflects our commitment to technological innovation and excellence in customer service. Learn More

Lean Six Sigma Process

Our service-based culture, built with lean SIX SIGMA approaches, puts an unmatched discipline in place to support your organization with continuous improvements and predictable service level agreements. Learn More

Flexible Deployment Options

Deployed in the Cloud for anytime, anywhere access

Traditional in-house deployment as on-prem option

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for full-service implementation

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