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What to Look for in a Telecommunications Management Solution

January 19, 2017, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management
Written by Scott Davis, VP of Marketing

With a new year, comes a fresh budget for many. It’s a good time to consider your current approach to telecommunications management.  This solution type often means many things to many people depending upon their prior experiences with the TEM industry.

Many organizations entered the world of Telecommunications Management by outsourcing the processing and payment of telecom or mobility expenses. However, as the market has evolved, so has the breadth and depth of available solutions.

Based on what we’ve learned from speaking with industry leaders in large enterprises fairly regularly, we’ve determined that there are five primary levers a typical organization will look for. These levers enable growth within both telecommunications and mobility, but also are designed to move past standard telecom into unified communications and cloud services.

Five Telecommunications Management Levers

  1. Expenses – Look for a solution that will automate the management of your wired and wireless expenses as well as ensure you are maintaining regulatory compliance.
  2. Asset Management – Gain a better handle on all your IT and communications services and assets. Look for a solution that will help you track the distribution, configuration and financial accountability of it all. In addition, be sure to ask how the vendor can move beyond standard telecom to help support the management of services like cloud software licenses.
  3. Usage Management – Think about how much it would benefit your organization if you could collect usage transactions, combine that with other business data and simplify it into actionable information for sharing enterprise-wide.
  4. Service Support – Consider the value of having a partner that will help you centralize the procurement processes (purchase, provision and activate devices), integrate your business processes/workflows and manage your service desk.
  5. Shared Services Management – By automating the cost accountability for all assets, labor and services you could provide your internal customers access to real-time access to the information they need.

Communications Lifecycle Management

Calero groups these five levers into one overarching approach called Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM). It brings these all together to give you visibility and control to manage and optimize your entire communications landscape – voice, mobile, messaging, video or beyond. CLM’s power is in having transparency into overall communications performance in the aggregate so you can demonstrate true impact on the organization’s performance.

The Benefits of CLM

Optimize Costs – The most immediate benefit of implementing a CLM solution is that you will be able to optimize and reduce the costs of your network assets and carrier services. Staff demands will be reduced with the new efficiencies and automation. You will also find that having better data gives you better negotiation power with voice, mobile and other unified communications vendors.

Drive Business Value – You will find that you will be able to make better, more data-driven management decisions across your entire communications network. Also, with better tracking of utilization, usage and performance, you will be better equipped to provide the organization with accurate ROI metrics.

Support for to your Stakeholders – You will be better equipped to give your organization fast, usage-based chargeback information to more easily share the costs of all communication services.

As you consider telecommunications management solutions, the long-tail benefits will be found when you partner with an organization that helps you bring every aspect of your communications business into clearer focus.

If you would like to learn more about Communications Lifecycle Management, download this overview or give us a call. We look forward to helping you navigate the options and find the solution that helps you drive improved business value.

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