BlogYour Telecom Data Gets Better by Change – Not by Chance

Your Telecom Data Gets Better by Change – Not by Chance

July 7, 2016, Expense Management

Written by: Scott Davis

The proliferation of communication channels, including fixed line, mobile, VoIP, messaging, video, etc., has created massive stores of data. Over time, there has been plenty of debate among industry thought leaders about how exactly to leverage this data. One thing everybody can agree upon is that turning all these data streams into something to help support business strategy has historically proven to be a daunting task – even for the strongest telecom or IT executive.

“AOTMP reports that only 24% of businesses correlate telecom data to business performance.”

The term “Big Data” sounds really cool. Heck, who wouldn’t want to tap into the wealth of information promised by analysts and vendors. The harsh reality is that Big Data, within the context of today’s telecom environment, often goes unused. Vast and disconnected data sources translate into nothing more than meaningless garbled information – that is, unless organizations decide to make a change in how they access and interpret it.

The truth is that making this data useful requires the right tools to bring it to life. And when these tools are applied, the value you can extract can be game-changing. So much so that it could transform the telecom function from a simple cost center to suddenly become a strategic arm of the business.

Which is why I am excited to discuss how recent innovations in data discovery and visualization technology have been applied to support the telecom function. These new solutions give IT managers and executives a new way to extract additional value from the readily available telecom data they already own.

Data discovery and visualization solutions enable organizations to fully explore, analyze and interpret the data to save money, eliminate waste and better support their end users. Suddenly Big Data has become manageable. Telecom can now be transformed into something that drives more than complex and difficult to manage headaches.

Just imagine how powerful it would be to pull together all the data produced by your TEM solution and by extension, the data from your organization’s entire communications lifecycle, so that you have a centralized view of your assets/inventory, usage patterns, cross-charges/internal bills and all traditional expense/invoice data. Then by leveraging analytics, being able to quickly investigate “what’s happening” and “why” by drilling down into the combined data to find hidden insights.

This goes far beyond the promise of reducing telecom costs. Now an IT department can understand how services are being consumed. And not just by a department, but at an individual basis. They are able to spot opportunities for adoption, growth, increased customer service and so much more.

Again, all from the data that currently exists.

Looking at the ever-changing telecom landscape, the massive stores of telecom data will never again go unused. Instead it will become the factual basis for making the next right move. As more organizations continue to move toward a more holistic Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach, these new data discovery and visualization tools are providing the transformative impetus to move telecom executives into the strategic driver’s seat.


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