BlogPodcast: How Houston Methodist Implemented TEM for Healthcare

Podcast: How Houston Methodist Implemented TEM for Healthcare

February 28, 2019, Expense Management

The healthcare industry is constantly innovating, utilizing the latest technologies to improve efficiency and provide higher standards of care. In this latest podcast, Calero’s Larry Foster spoke with Armand Stansel, the Director of IT Infrastructure Services at Houston Methodist, to learn about Houston Methodist’s mission, and the challenges and victories technology has provided in supporting that mission. Armand’s job is to empower everyone at Houston Methodist in their mission to provide the best patient care possible by making sure technology is something that helps rather than hinders in that quest.

For an operation the size of Houston Methodist, this requires managing over 22,000 phones, 4,000 switches and 3,000 wireless devices which support over 7,000 medical professionals operating throughout 13 million square feet of operations spread across 150 facilities spanning nine countries. Mobility is especially important, as over half of all network devices connect wirelessly, a number that is only growing with IoT and new network-connected medical instrumentation. This all results in an annual telecom spend of over $12 million, and Armand needs to get the most value out of their spend and manage costs even as their needs grow. They also want to ensure that spend is directly aligned to patient care, supporting their mission as an organization.

To achieve this, they turned to a TEM solution, selecting Calero as their partner. They have been a Calero client for two years now, utilizing Calero’s TEM Managed Services, Call Accounting, and Telecommunications Management services.

Previously, they had relied primarily on two full-time employees monitoring spend with spreadsheets.

In the podcast, Armand discusses how he realized reliance on this manual system created a vulnerability and elaborated on what has changed since working with Calero, including:

  • Democratizing their information and eliminating the manual tasks associated with processing bills.
  • Freeing their analysts to actually analyze and optimize instead of the time-consuming ‘stare-and-compare’ of invoices.
  • Going beyond invoice payments into Inventory Management and multi-dimensional analysis to serve their goal of mitigating long-term costs as the organization grows.
  • Achieving real cost savings, including recently recovering $30,000 per month (about 3 percent of their total charges) due to incorrectly-billed federal taxes.

Armand also discusses their present and future telecom goals. Currently, they are working with Calero on correlating cost to locations and even to individual beds so they can accurately perform cost-per-patient analysis, which is critical to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and compliance. They are having great success expanding beyond their traditional role of managing telecom services and expenses, empowering Houston Methodist to provide world-class patient care for years to come.

To learn more, listen to the full interview on Calero’s new podcast.