BlogHow MoneyGram Gained Financial Wins with TEM and Managed Mobility Services

How MoneyGram Gained Financial Wins with TEM and Managed Mobility Services

July 28, 2016, Expense Management

Written by: Scott Davis

For MoneyGram International, Inc., the world’s second largest provider of money transfers and payment services, you can imagine how time consuming it was to manage over 25 individual papers invoices from telecom providers every month. The Texas-based provider operates in over 200 countries with a global network of more than 237,000 agent offices.

To spare you every detail, MoneyGram’s IT department decided that TEM (Telecom Expense Management) was the way to go. By now, most large organizations have embraced some form of TEM to automate and streamline invoices and expense management. Because by now I have come to believe, it is a no brainer.

But that’s not where this story ends. Yes, MoneyGram uses Calero Expense Management to simplify invoice payments and maintain history detail. The main benefits are that they have streamlined manual processes, gained control over what they were spending in telecom and produced enough savings to cover what they spent on the solution. We see this every day across our client base. That’s why I say “no brainer.”

Based on the performance of its TEM implantation, MoneyGram was ready to go one step further and incorporate Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to wrap their mobility data into the existing processes. They have now consolidated everything into a single database and gained new efficiencies. For example, to verify billing rates or changes to subscription plans, they have one point of contact.

Looking to the future, MoneyGram plans to use MMS to further improve its internal service levels. They are looking forward to having a centralized, global service center to respond to user requests around the clock and to enforce corporate guidelines for the procurement and support for their mobile devices.

For more on how MoneyGram implanted TEM and MMS, check out the case study.

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