BlogHow to Get Maximum Impact from Your TEM Solution

How to Get Maximum Impact from Your TEM Solution

October 12, 2017, Expense Management

Best Practices for Driving Business Success Highlighted in Calero World Online This Week

By Scott Davis

Without a doubt, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions have become increasingly sophisticated – expanding in capabilities and possibilities. Cloud consumption and usage-based models are proliferating across organizations and although they may sound simple in concept, they introduce new challenges to IT organizations. The great “ah-ha” is that tracking usage, users, applications and chargebacks require systems and processes that can be managed with a solution that may be hiding in your Telecom organization – TEM. The latest versions of these solutions have evolved to be perfectly suited to addressing the many moving parts cloud models create. This opinion has been widely supported by industry experts such as Gartner and Blue Hill Research.

Today, Tony Rizzo, Chief Research Officer for Blue Hill Research, led a discussion during Calero World Online about how IT organizations should address the complexities of managing this massive shift to cloud technology and service-based models. Historically, TEM, cloud and full end-user IT management have functioned as separate operational silos, but now TEM is helping to bridge the gap between telecom, mobility and end-user management. In fact, TEM has become the foundation for ITEM (IT Expense Management) and ITaaS (IT-as-a-Service) since it is already structured in a way that effectively gathers user, usage, and data to simplify management of IT’s complex demands. Without deep visibility into ITaaS services usage, enterprises are not able to effectively manage TCO or optimize investments. Unmanaged or poorly managed cloud services ecosystems can quickly fail and become a TCO management nightmare.

Fortunately for enterprises, TEM vendors are accustomed to managing highly complex telecom environments and have developed best practices that can be applied directly to ITEM.  Blue Hill Research has found that enterprises engaging with the right TEM vendor will benefit greatly from their expertise and experience in understanding how to effectively support ITEM demands.

To learn more about applying TEM best practices to optimize cloud investments, check out this white paper­.  A recording of the session is available to view on demand here.

Getting the Most from Your Calero Partnership

Business priorities change over time. Being able to adapt and address the complex issues arising from the changing communications landscape –governance and regulation, technology innovation, social change and internal organizational change – is important to us. The key to a healthy and committed partnership requires strategic alignment of goals and objectives, ongoing process improvement and innovative technology. Earlier this week, Randy Burns, VP, Client Success and Albert Spell shared their thoughts on how to get the most out of your Calero partnership. In case you missed it, the session is available to view at your leisure.

Don’t forget, there are still more Calero World Online sessions available.  Be sure to register if you haven’t already.